Electronics Technician Uk Visa Sponsorship

July 9, 2024
£39.3 - £44.3 / year

Job Description




Job Purpose

Provide comprehensive management and senior technical leadership to laboratory users. Provide professional maintenance and equipment control in the SUERC Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory to support routine and experimental direct measurements of long-lived radionuclides. Contribute to the development of laboratory apparatus and processes. To give specialised technological skills and training to scientists and postgraduate students.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Manage instrument maintenance for accelerator mass spectrometers, including failures, diagnostics, routine maintenance, and preventative work. Manage and complete necessary repairs while giving timely inventive solutions.
  • Perform specialised technical work to install, diagnose, and repair electronics and related spectrometer subsystems such as power supply (including high voltage and high current), low-voltage control systems, nuclear data systems, and live electronics diagnostics.
  • To run and maintain high voltage electronic systems, such as an MV high-voltage mechanical (pelletron) particle accelerator (including one inside an SF6 pressure vessel) and kV electronic power supply, as well as several high-voltage microwave and sputter ion sources (some including Be and Cs metals).
  • Manage the maintenance of general instrument systems, including high vacuum and associated pumps, pressure vessels, cooling manifolds, pneumatic systems, ion source cleaning and maintenance, and so on.
  • Manage, manage, and supervise external contractors who maintain building plant systems such as cooling, compressed air, and UPS.
  • Establish and carry out a periodic and preventative maintenance schedule to guarantee that the laboratory and equipment are maintained and operated to the highest standards with minimal downtime.
  • Take the lead in finding, planning, and developing improved replacements for instrumentation, building plant, and control systems.
  • To guarantee that spectrometer systems are operational in support of efficient daily operations through ion beam creation, transport, and measurement, as well as spectrometer performance data analysis.
  • Liaise with technology providers, SUERC staff, and collaborators. To instruct, train, and provide professional advice and guidance to relevant SUERC personnel, students, and external partners on AMS equipment procedures and operations.
  • Co-supervise colleague and guest access to the laboratory’s Controlled Radiation Area.
  • Be in charge of the day-to-day management and compliance with necessary Health and Safety, as well as other particular legislative requirements and industry standards. Accurately record laboratory paperwork and draft risk assessments, HSE/COSHH, and job procedures.
  • Management and supervision of the laboratory’s other technical staff is your responsibility as needed. Ensure that work is completed and executed to the specified standard, and take the necessary follow-up steps to ensure successful performance.
  • Perform additional necessary duties as assigned by the line manager.


Knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experience.



A1 Demonstrate the competencies required to perform the duties of this level of post by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills in a similar role or: Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework level 9, (Ordinary Degree, Scottish Vocational Qualification level 4), or equivalent (including professional accreditation with relevant formal training), and experience of personal development in a similar or related role.

A2 Comprehensive technical understanding of high-voltage generating and diagnosis

A3 Detailed understanding of identifying analogue and digital electronics defects and performing repairs, including the necessary certification to diagnose live electronics.

A4 A thorough understanding of applicable health and safety protocols and procedures.


B1 Relevant MSc or PhD (SCQF 11/12).



C1 Demonstrates specialist technical skills relevant to the given discipline. The discipline details are as indicated in the post-specific duties and responsibilities.

C2 Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

C3 Laboratory works to the highest standards, both independently and together.

C4 Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.

C5 Excellent collaboration and people management skills.

C6 Capability to plan and prioritise a technical service to satisfy long-term strategic objectives while providing day-to-day service.


D1 Programming of instrumentation controls.

D2 Working with high-power RF systems requires demonstrable technical expertise in areas such as electronics, waveguides, and power metres.



E1 Significant relevant work experience in large-scale complicated instrumentation, including examples of past outputs and professional advancement.

E2 Extensive relevant instrumentation experience, including diagnosis and maintenance responsibilities in a laboratory setting.

E3 Demonstrated ability to work independently to prioritise, advance, and achieve requirements for laboratory instrumentation functioning within specified timeframes.

E4 Experience with broad laboratory practice and procedures.

E5 Experience working together with academic and industrial partners.

E6 Supervisory and management experience.


F1 Experience with high-voltage ion beam systems.

F2 Major instrumentation development tasks.

Terms & Conditions.

The annual salary for Grade 7 will range between £39,347 and £44,263.

This position is full-time and open-ended.

As a member of Team UofG, you will be part of a globally changing, inclusive community that values ambition, excellence, integrity, and curiosity.

The University of Glasgow is responsible for ensuring that all personnel are eligible to reside and work in the UK. If you need a Skilled Worker visa to work in the UK, you must first complete the visa route’s eligibility conditions before being awarded a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Please keep in mind that if tradeable points are allowed under the Skilled Worker visa criteria, this post may be eligible for sponsorship. For further information, go to https://www.gov.uk/skilled-worker-visa.

As a respected part of our team, you should expect:

1 A friendly and engaging organisational culture in which your skills are fostered and cultivated, and success is celebrated and shared.

2 An good employment package with generous terms and conditions, including 41 days of leave for full-time employees, a pension (pension handbook: https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/payandpensions/pensions/), benefits, and discount packages.

3. A flexible approach to employment.

4 A commitment to your health and well-being, including a complimentary 6-month UofG Sport membership for all incoming University personnel (https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/staff/healthwellbeing/).

We think that we can only attain our greatest potential by combining the talents of everyone. Our ideals prioritise equality, diversity, and inclusion. Applications are encouraged from all members of our communities, particularly those from the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups, as well as those with other protected characteristics who are underrepresented at the University. Read more about how the University encourages and integrates all aspects of equality and diversity into our community at https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/humanresources/equalitydiversity/.

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