Healthcare Support Worker Uk Sponsorship Available

June 15, 2024
£11.4 - £12 / hour

Job Description




We, at Aquila Supported Living Services, are looking for people to join our friendly and compassionate team that provides home care in Staffordshire and the surrounding regions, assisting clients with all parts of their daily lives so they can have the greatest possible quality of life. We are passionate about care and collaborate with local councils.
This profession entails working with clients in their own homes, communities, and, in some situations, working alone during the day and/or night.

Compassion, solid communication skills, and a calm and caring demeanour are required for this position in our organisation.

Key responsibilities.

• To provide safe, dependable, compassionate care and assistance to suit the individual’s needs and desires.

• Encourage dignity, respect, and personal choices in the delivery of care

• Promote as much independence as possible.

• Establish clear communication with the client.

• Always encourage client safety.

• Promote client confidentiality.

• To uphold the corporate principles and ethos.


• Help clients with personal care, including showering and bathing, clothing and grooming, dental hygiene, toileting, and continence care.

• Assisting with medication administration, stock audit, prescription collection, or returning unneeded medications to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

• Help clients eat and drink well.

• Cleaning up areas including the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to prevent infections.

• Health and safety – to ensure that there are no potential dangers that can cause harm or injury to the client (e.g., untidied cables, boxes, or chairs in the way).

• Proper use of assistance and personal equipment (such as hoists, wheelchairs, walking frames, and other physical aids).

• Housework like as vacuuming, sweeping, washing, doing laundry, ironing, making beds, and changing linen (please note that this is dependent on the individual client’s needs as assessed).

• Social and physical activities such as going shopping, staying in touch with friends and family, and engaging in hobbies such as reading and playing games.

• Assist clients with hospital appointments as needed, and coordinate with community health support and families. Record and submit any relevant facts.

• You provide care and support, as well as pharmaceutical help.

• Changes in the client’s health or other problems, such as faulty equipment or risks at home.

• Respond to emergencies, accidents, events, and safety concerns.

• Communicate with the families, carers, and other professionals involved.

• Other matters as outlined in Aquila Supported Living Services Ltd guidelines.

• Keep all information about clients and their families secure and private.
Work effectively as part of the Aquila Supported Living Services team.

• Always adhere to Aquila Supported Living Services Ltd’s policies, procedures, and guidelines.

• Participate in staff meetings and well-being programmes.

• Attend training, supervisory, and appraisal meetings.

Person Specifications:

Full driving licence with driving experience required.
Owning an automobile is desired.
Entry requirements: Aged 18 years or older.
A satisfactory DBS check and police clearance
Qualified for GCSE
Relevant care and/or health certificate.
relevant experience in healthcare.
Willingness to Learn

Skilled worker sponsorship might be provided to appropriate candidates.


• Experience working with vulnerable persons.

• The eligible candidate exhibits the capacity to comply with business policies and procedures.

Experience working in the care environment.

Mileage will be compensated to automobile drivers.


• Good organising skills

• Effective interpersonal and communication abilities.

• Good written and vocal communication skills in English (IELTS pass).

• Understand and apply the concepts of confidentiality, data protection, and continuous safeguarding.

Good teamwork.

Good knowledge of the requirements of those who need care and support.

Ability to give exceptional care.

Basic IT capabilities.

Basic Numeracy Skills

Basic literacy skills.

Understanding of how to identify abuse and implement safeguarding procedures.

Working understanding of health and safety issues related to home care.

Personal Attributes

A genuine concern for others and a desire to make a positive difference.
Reliable, trustworthy, team player, and dedicated to work.
Work hours can be adjusted as needed.

• Capable of building rapport and favourably influencing others.

• Capable of inspiring professionalism.
Able to work under pressure.
Flexible and adaptable.