Registered Nurse Uk Visa Sponsorship Available

May 10, 2024
£28.4 - £34.6 / year

Job Description




If you are a registered nurse looking for work flexibility or extra hours, we are recruiting for our nursing bank. You will be working in a Trust that is rated outstanding for its care and provides the best patient experience in the NHS (according to the Adult Inpatient Survey).

Joining our nursing bank will allow you to provide the finest possible care to our patients while also giving you the freedom to serve on our orthopaedic surgery, medical, and rehabilitation wards.

Job seekers who require current Skilled Worker Sponsorship to work in the UK are welcome to apply, and their applications will be reviewed alongside all others. Job searchers should understand that not all positions will be eligible for Skilled Worker Sponsorship. For more information, visit UK Visas and Immigration – GOV.UK.

Our nurses are responsible for providing compassionate, high-quality nursing care in a multidisciplinary setting, ensuring that individualised and effective treatment is delivered at all times.

(Candidates are advised that if they are offered the opportunity to be registered on our temporary worker bank, they must attend four days of induction and work four paid shadow shifts in various areas before being able to book shifts – this is to provide our temporary workers with support and confidence.)

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic NHS Trust (RJAH) is one of the country’s leading orthopaedic hospitals, with high staff and patient satisfaction rates, as well as a strong reputation for research and innovation.


Professional and Clinical Issues

Be accountable and responsible for your own nursing practice, and take advantage of every reasonable opportunity to maintain and develop knowledge and professional competence.

To be responsible for providing patient-centered care. Maintaining one’s own specialist knowledge and clinical skills while participating in direct patient care and demonstrating compliance with NMC PREP criteria. The position holder must be able to display highly developed dexterity abilities during clinical practice, as well as the capacity to manage periods of moderate physical exertion during the shift.

Assist ward staff with clinical and professional guidance, experience, and support, as well as practice development and performance monitoring.

Keep up with current political issues in the NHS and future nursing developments.

To give leadership to all employees, establishing a culture of positive and successful teamwork.

Assess care needs, requesting medical assistance as needed, and developing appropriate care plans for the patient, executing and assessing care during admission and in preparation for safe discharge.
supported by textual proof.

To offer high-quality nursing care based on an assessment of care needs, in collaboration with the patient, their relatives, and the multidisciplinary team.

To continuously review care quality and re-assess patient requirements, consult with patients, carers, and multidisciplinary teams to implement necessary changes to accomplish intended goals.

Collaborate with other professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.

Prepare well-planned discharges with appropriate follow-up, while maintaining efficient communication with the family, allied health professionals, and community services.

Maintain a patient/client-centered approach to care.

Ensure that the patient’s family, carers, and staff have their customs, values, and spiritual beliefs respected.

To uphold the Trust’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy.

Ensure the protection of the patients’ things.

Providing and receiving complex or sensitive patient information, as well as dealing with confrontations in which you can reassure, calm, and diffuse tough circumstances.

Provide advice on health promotion and MECC topics that fall within the area of your own profession.

To assess the patient’s, relatives’, and staff’s learning needs and, in collaboration with the Ward/department staff, organise and implement education to meet those needs.

Facilitate and maintain patient records to ensure that information is accurate and up to date for future reference, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the NMC Patient Record Keeping Guidelines.

Prepare care plans to ensure that patients receive effective care.

To be able to properly manage time, ensuring that patients are prepared for planned treatments and that employees take adequate breaks during the workday and finish on time.

Ensure the safe delivery of medicines via the prescribed route in accordance with national and Trust requirements.

Assist the Ward staff in meeting risk management guidelines for the ward area, in collaboration with all health care professionals.

The ability to utilise and recharge intravenous drug administration pumps, including recognising early indicators of a drug reaction and taking appropriate measures. Patient care often necessitates physical exertion, such as rolling, manoeuvring, and standing. The utilisation of ward manual handling equipment and training is vital for reducing physical strain and ensuring patient safety. Annual manual handling training is required.

Frequent treatment of waste bodily fluids to ensure proper disposal.

Participate in a yearly review and establish personal goals for your own professional growth plan.

Completing yearly statutory training to ensure compliance with Trust policy and current legislation.

Attend appropriate in-house training programmes that are pertinent to own clinical practice, to develop knowledge and skill, and maintain competencies.


Staff Management

Lead the nursing, ward clerk, and housekeeping teams and serve as a role model.

Serve as a resource advisor to junior colleagues in the delivery of nursing care.

Ensure personnel carry identity cards and follow uniform rules.

Assist in the formation of a positive working environment.


Quality Management

Maintain a working environment that benefits and promotes the health and safety of patients, workers, and visitors to the region.

Responsible for implementing safe manual handling activities.

To be responsible for ensuring commitment to providing a high-quality service to patients through ongoing practice development in light of research evidence and standards established within national service frameworks, NICE, and professional guidelines.

Act as a patient advocate within the clinical specialty.

Promote evidence-based care by incorporating relevant research into practice.

Ensure compliance with Trust policies, procedures, guidelines, and current legislation, particularly health and safety regulations.

Respond to patients’ and family’ concerns at the ward level and, when required, refer them to the Ward/Department Manager or Nurse in Charge.

Assist in auditing and reviewing the quality and availability of patient information.



Ensure that communication is effective, such that communicative issues in the sending and getting of such information are expressed and received in a way that fosters strong relationships between physicians, allied health care professionals, patients, and family.

Ensure that all conversations between patients and their family are effective and handled in a way that allows the patient to make informed decisions regarding their care.

Maintain positive relationships with patients, relatives, and internal and external agencies. Maintain confidentiality and collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to provide relevant health promotion advice.

Ensure that the established method of continuous communication is effective for assessing and reporting patient care and activity during the shift.

Providing and receiving complex or sensitive patient information, as well as dealing with confrontations in which you can reassure, calm, and diffuse tough circumstances.

Dealing with concerned family and staff, assisting the bereaved, and coordinating with necessary support networks.

Persuading the patient to comply with the therapies and care recommended.

Communication with patients with exceptional needs requires the recognition and understanding of nonverbal communication.

Serve as a resource for nursing and related health care workers in the provision of care.

Respond to phone calls; after an analysis / interpretation of the issue, you will express your professional judgement, providing relevant advice and referring to suitable personnel. Maintaining a recording in the phone advice book.


Resource Management

Seek strategies to maximise the usage of all resources while keeping costs under control.

Acquire and maintain working understanding of P.A.S., E.P.R Bluespier, and the Trust intranet.

Actively endeavour to guarantee the best use of beds by engaging verbally and electronically with colleagues from both the Trust and referral hospitals/outside organisations.

Perform any job-related responsibilities that are not clearly listed in this job description and may be allocated by your line manager.

Provide flexibility throughout the trust and will be willing to assist in all areas as needed within the scope of expertise and experience.

Candidates must have an NMC registration.