Chogu Obaje Ekele

July 21, 1981

About Candidate

Hold QTS, a relevant undergraduate DEGREE AND Master Degree both in Chemistry Education
I Have successful teaching experience at secondary level with over 17 years experience , ideally including experience in multi-ethnic urban schools and of working in an 11-18 school.
I Understand the theory and practice of effective teaching and learning, laboratory Practice.
I Understand the importance of high expectations and equality of access for all students, and of being a tutor.
I Have knowledge of National Curriculum requirements at KS3, KS4 and ideally KS5, and of writing lesson plans, developing resources and assessing students’ work
I’m able to work as part of a team and to develop and maintain positive relationships with all staff.
I Have a good level of ICT skills, ideally including innovative use of interactive white boards
Be able to create a motivating and safe learning environment for all students
I’m able to communicate positively with parents, carers and other external agencies where necessary
I Have good written and spoken communication skills
I’m able to lead and manage their own work effectively
I Have excellent time management skills
I’m able to motivate students and raise their aspirations through a range of strategies
– Plan and deliver engaging science lessons to students, incorporating practical experiments where possible
– Provide support and guidance to students in their learning, including tutoring for those who require additional assistance
– Manage classroom behaviour effectively, creating a positive learning environment
– Adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of students with special educational requirements
– Utilise laboratory facilities for practical demonstrations and experiments
– Engage in scientific research and stay updated on advancements in the field of chemistry
– Educate students on various scientific subjects including maths and proofreading scientific reports

– Proven experience of over 19 years in teaching science subjects at secondary level
– Strong communication skills to effectively convey complex scientific concepts to students
– Ability to manage classroom dynamics and implement behaviour management strategies
– Familiarity with special education practices and techniques
– Proficiency in laboratory procedures and safety protocols


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