Andreea Maria Enea

Web Production Specialist
September 20, 1995

About Candidate

Cooperate with designers to create clean and intuitive interactions and experiences.
Collaborate with developers to ensure designs were implemented correctly and provide ongoing support for design-related issues.
Modify content to enhance website usability and improve user engagement.
Utilize Canva to design and create engaging images and presentations for marketing campaigns, enhancing the visual appeal and effectiveness of promotional materials
Rigorously test and QA new content and features on mobile and desktop, ensuring 95% bug-free website updates from development to launch.
Boost web page engagement by creating diverse multimedia assets in Adobe Photoshop/Figma and integrating them, including thumbnails, photo galleries and videos.
Design dynamic and responsive web pages while ensuring wide browser and terminal compatibility via thorough evaluation.
Manage localization for over 20 languages across more than 120 countries.
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