Motor Mechanic Uk Visa Sponsorship Available

June 18, 2024
£38.7 - £39 / year

Job Description




AA Automobiles Bham Limited TA AA Autos is an automobile repair business in Birmingham, United Kingdom. With a commitment to providing excellent customer service, we are looking for an experienced and competent Motor Mechanic to join our team on a full-time basis.


Job Roles:

To repair vehicles and replace parts for clients.
Duties include checking the vehicle’s mechanical components and engine, diagnosing vehicle faults, and doing maintenance, servicing, and repair work on cars and other vehicles.

Main Responsibilities:

• Use manual and computerised diagnostic procedures to identify potential issues in a car.

• Explaining mechanical problems and potential solutions to clients while offering exceptional customer service.

• Testing parts and systems to ensure they work properly, including road testing after finishing repairs on a vehicle.

• Performing basic automotive maintenance, such as changing oil, servicing, and rotating tyres.

• Providing advanced automotive care, including engine diagnostics and repairs.

• Repairing or replacing damaged, outdated, or malfunctioning automotive parts.

• If possible, repair or alter a car to meet a client’s specifications.

• Install attachments like dashboard cameras, stereos, and roof racks.

• Filling up job cards with detailed information on the work done, parts utilised, and labour times

• Schedule future maintenance visits and offer consumers general advise.

• Provide the customer with the required documentation, such as warranties, current service books, and certificates.

• Maintain a professional personal appearance while keeping the workshop clean, orderly, and structured.

• Keep all garage equipment and tools in perfect shape.

• Any additional tasks associated with your employment as vehicle technician.
Applicants must work as a car technician and be willing to obtain a full UK driving licence.

Required skills:

• Excellent interpersonal skills.

• Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.

• Excellent writing and vocal communication abilities.

• Ability to manage client demands.


• Additional leave.

• Company pension.

• Employee discount.

• Sick pay.

• UK visa sponsorship


• Monday through Sunday.


Mechanics: one year (needed).
Work Location: In-person