Pharmacy Assistant Visa Sponsorship Uk

May 19, 2024
£28.4 - £34.6 / year

Job Description


Job overview

We are seeking a Pharmacy Dispensing Assistant Technical Officer to support the hospital’s dispensary and pharmacy outlets, ensuring a comprehensive pharmacy service.

Pharmaceutical Sciences at NVQ level 2 (or similar as required by the General Pharmaceutical Council) with GCSE Mathematics and English at Grade C or higher (or equivalent).NHS Hospital experience is preferred, but not required.

This job is scheduled to work 5 days a week (with occasional weekend and bank holidays as scheduled).

**Pay Banding is subject to Change Evaluation Agenda**.

applicants from job seekers requiring current Skilled Worker Sponsorship to work in the UK are encouraged and will be reviewed alongside all other applicants. Job searchers should understand that not all positions will be eligible for Skilled Worker Sponsorship. For more information, go to UK Visas & Immigration – GOV.UK.


Main responsibilities of the job

Labelling, assembling, preparing, and dispensing medicines, stock control, receipt and distribution, dispensing of regulated substances, and prescription receipt are all examples of pharmacy support duties provided to stores and dispensaries.

Dispensing and issuing prescriptions, signed orders, and controlled drug orders ensures timely and effective delivery of pharmaceutical product demands throughout the Trust.


Working for our organisation.

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic NHS Trust (RJAH) is a top orthopaedic hospital with high levels of staff and patient satisfaction, as well as a strong focus on research and innovation.

Joining RJAH is more than simply a job; we want our employees to have the finest opportunity to succeed in their roles.

We offer a variety of fantastic staff benefits to everyone who joins RJAH, including outstanding professional development opportunities and cutting-edge facilities such as our recently opened £6 million Headley Court Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre (the first of its kind in the UK).

RJAH has significant connections with a number of universities, including Staffordshire, Keele, Glyndwr, Chester, and Birmingham.

The hospital is located just outside of Oswestry, off the A5. The nearest train station is in Gobowen, about two miles from the hospital. The station is on the Chester to Birmingham line.

We are based in North Shropshire, near the boundary of North and Mid Wales. It is one of the most appealing areas of the country, with a rich historical culture and excellent transportation connections. It provides excellent prospects for anyone who appreciates outdoor activities or wants to build a family.


Detailed job description and primary responsibilities



  1. On a daily basis, I comply with all Trust and departmental rules and standard operating procedures.
  2. Participating in departmental rotas for weekend labour.
  3. Undertaking any duties that may be required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the pharmacy service.
  4. Participating in audits as instructed by medical, nursing, and pharmacy personnel.
  5. Be committed to providing high-quality service to patients.
  6. Working in the Pharmacy department and on wards requires standing for long periods of time on a regular basis, as well as extended periods of time at a computer.
  7. Being able to deal with troubled patients and caretakers while remaining sensitive to their needs.
  8. Input accurate data into the pharmacy computer system, including information of medicines issued to patients and areas of the Trust.
  9. Maintaining stock levels and data quality, as well as ensuring that computer transactions are completed accurately.


  1. Accurately dispensing a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including controlled drugs, cytotoxic medicines, unlicensed products, intravenous injections, and flammable liquids, by packaging and labelling items, issuing them on the pharmacy computer system, and keeping relevant computer and written records in accordance with current department Standard Operating Procedures.
  2. Respond to urgent inquiries in person and over the phone, which sometimes causes interruptions when concentrating on precise dispensing.
  3. Participating in all parts of dispensary cover in accordance with service requirements.
  4. Advising and coaching patients on how to utilise their medications, side effects, dose, and more supplies, including dealing with confused, partially sighted, hard of hearing, irritated, and hostile patients.
  5. The cost of private prescription charges is calculated using the pharmacy’s computer system for private prescription payment. Providing information so that the Finance department can produce invoices for outstanding charges.
  6. Update patient information and dispensing records on the pharmacy computer system. Keeping written and computerised records of dispensing.
  7. Issuing expensive pharmaceuticals in compliance with municipal policies, under the supervision of a chemist, and with financial approval.
  8. Continue to demonstrate proficiency in administering accurately and safely.
  9. To answer phones promptly and pleasantly as needed during the working day:
  10. Dealing with inquiries/information and reacting swiftly
  11. Providing complete and accurate information
  12. Recognising personal limitations and referring to the right person.
  13. Identifying stock shortages and contacting with the Procurement Officer or a Senior Technician about the urgency and availability.
  14. Taking steps to ensure that outstanding pharmaceutical orders to wards or patients are followed up on and supplied within a reasonable time frame, referring to a senior person when long-term delays are found, and seeking advice on the appropriate action to be done.
  15. Maintaining the dispensary’s shelves and storage rooms in a nice and orderly way while maintaining proper stock rotation. This involves returning used dispensing containers to their designated locations.
  16. Performing daily stock inspections, analysing discrepancies, contacting the chemist and accurately updating paper and computer records.
  17. Conducting periodic checks to identify expired stock. Expired stock is removed and disposed of. Updating computer records and coordinating with chemists and procurement officers to replenish critical medications.
  18. Performing general housekeeping responsibilities in the dispensary, such as cleaning dispensing equipment and ensuring that there are adequate supplies of dispensing sundries and caution cards, etc.
  19. Working in the Pharmacy department requires standing for extended periods of time every day.
  20. Taking prescriptions from personnel and patients at the Pharmacy hatch.