Restaurant Manager Uk Sponsorship Available

May 14, 2024
£35 - £50 / year

Job Description




We are a fresh and energetic restaurant located in the charming town of Ely, Littleport.

We are searching for a restaurant manager who will provide excellent customer service while also helping to grow our business. We are seeking people with the following qualities and skills.


-Plans catering services and manages crew.

-Decides on the variety and quality of food and beverages to be served.
Discusses client needs for unique events.

Purchases or directs the purchase of goods, and makes arrangements for account preparation.

-Ensures that the quality of food, beverages, and waiting service meet the requirements of the kitchen and dining areas.

-Areas are kept clean, and necessary hygiene standards are met in accordance with legislative requirements.

– Plans and arranges food preparation in coordination with other employees, as well as the scheduling of waiting or counter personnel.

-Ensures that supplies are used and accounted for accurately in order to avoid waste and loss while remaining within budget.

Salary will be determined by experience and qualifications. Only qualifying candidates may be considered for a Sponsorship Licence.