Asset Systems Manager Uk Sponsorship Available

June 13, 2024
£45.4 - £45.4 / year

Job Description




Transport Scotland is the national transport agency dedicated to providing a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable transport system for the benefit of the Scottish people. Transport Scotland is answerable to Parliament and the public through Scottish Ministers, and has a budget of approximately £3.9 billion annually. Transport is an important component of the Scottish Government’s strategy for improving sustainable economic growth, and transport investments and policies have a significant impact on the economy, people, and the environment.

Transport Scotland’s Roads Directorate is in charge of operating and maintaining the trunk road network. Within the Roads Directorate, the Asset Management Team is in charge of establishing and implementing asset management practices for trunk roads. Our Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) outlines the level of service we want to deliver on the trunk road network, as well as the effort and investment required to achieve this.

To achieve this goal, the Asset Management Team created a new asset management system called AMPS (Asset Management Performance System). The new system makes use of some of the most advanced cloud-based technologies available for both web and mobile platforms. AMPS is entirely designed, built, and managed in-house, so the successful candidate will have a direct impact on future software development, data analytics, and associated technical/engineering processes, ensuring that their vision shapes the future of asset management practices in Scotland and beyond.

AMPS offers an exceptional opportunity for applicants interested in engineering, new technologies, and data analytics to participate to the ongoing development and enhancement of an innovative and industry-leading system. The successful candidate will lead a team of software developers, testers, and business analysts to create new software solutions by identifying, implementing, and improving engineering, data, and business requirements.

Important Information.

The Scottish Government is preparing to install a new HR and Finance platform, thus some job offers will be contingent on a start date of October 2024 at the latest. This will be validated when your application proceeds.


• Oversee and drive the continuous development and improvement of core functions of AMPS, a critical business system that supports the overall delivery of trunk road management and maintenance across the supplier chain. Lead the creation and implementation of data analytics solutions that enable in-depth analysis, data trending, and performance reporting.

• Continue to create predictive modelling technique and tools that will allow us to anticipate the future maintenance requirements for the entire trunk road network over several years for varying amounts of financing or condition targets. Present outputs to finance colleagues in support of transport ideas under consideration as part of the Scottish Government’s expenditure review.

• Assess and monitor the state of the trunk road asset, and establish improvement plans to provide the desired level of service. Produce regular ‘State of the Asset’ reports for Roads Directorate colleagues and Scottish Ministers, outlining the current situation and future direction.

• Manage the estimate of the trunk road maintenance backlog for carriageways and auxiliary assets, and contribute to briefings for Scottish Ministers.

· Conduct frequent reviews of the Road Directorate’s data requirements and plan to ensure that data remains cost-effective and supports our asset management methods. Lead the maintenance and enhancement of the Roads Directorate’s trunk road information manual, ensuring ongoing alignment with AMPS.

• Lead the creation, procurement, and delivery of machine-based condition surveys for trunk road carriageways, ensuring that data is collected, processed, and stored in accordance with established processes.

• Gather input for briefing notes and deliver progress updates for Roads Directorate colleagues and TS Directors meetings. Provide professional advice and assistance to Roads Directorate colleagues as needed.


People management, evidence analysis, communication, and performance improvement are all key areas.

Essential Criteria and Qualifications

Proven experience in road asset management and data/software development for the transportation sector.

Essential Criteria

1. Worked in a road asset management function, using asset management technologies to manage and analyse road-related data to assist decision-making.

2. Proven expertise contributing to the creation or design of software systems for road asset management.

3. The ability to effectively lead and collaborate with engineers, software developers, and other stakeholders (technical and non-technical) to implement engineering data and business requirements.

4. A commitment to continuous service improvement, including a willingness to question established procedures and use evidence to provide better service to asset management system users.

Minimum time in post.

Unless you are promoted to a higher Band or Grade, you will be required to stay in your current position for at least three years.
If more roles are necessary, a reserve list of successful candidates will be maintained for up to 12 months.


This position is headquartered in Glasgow and requires hybrid working in accordance with Transport Scotland policies. You will be expected to be in the office twice a week, pro rata.

The position is full-time, however employees with alternative work schedules are encouraged to apply, and we will consider proposed schedules in light of the business requirements for this position.

Additional Information

To apply, please complete the application and include evidence-based examples of your knowledge/skills (300 words). Remember, your replies should be clear, succinct, and reflect the steps you took. To answer to each requirement, consider using the STAR(R) technique.

Sponsorship Information

Changes to legislation regarding Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship went into effect on April 4, 2024. Before applying for Visa Sponsorship, please read the official Home Office guidance to ensure your eligibility.

Any applicants who are not qualified for sponsorship will be withdrawn at either the application stage or the moment of offer, as would any provisional employment offer.

Important Information about Interviews

Interviews can be performed virtually or remotely. All applicants must have an appropriate place to complete the virtual interview via MS Teams, as well as sufficient Wi-Fi/Broadband capacity to carry both audio and video feeds during the interview.

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