Maintenance Manager Skyview Builders Sponsorship Available

May 30, 2024
£35 - £39 / year

Job Description




Job brief –

Maintenance Manager.

Our customer, SKYVIEW BUILDERS LIMITED, has experienced great growth in its commercial activities.
SKYVIEW BUILDERS LIMITED is a well-established family-owned construction company with extensive expertise. Our client is seeking a Maintenance Manager to manage all parts of our maintenance operations. The ideal applicant will have a solid background in maintenance management, exceptional leadership abilities, and a track record of successfully executing effective maintenance programmes.

As a maintenance manager, you’ll help colleagues and executives organise and distribute information. The ideal applicant will be the primary point of contact for any questions, requests, or difficulties, and will be an essential member of the company’s workforce.

The task may impose deadlines unexpectedly, necessitating flexibility and reprioritization of workload because emergency work can occur at any time. The nature of the function is to manage maintenance work and staff while maintaining continual communication with the company’s Director. Overseas candidates are welcome to apply, as sponsorships may be available for deserving candidates.

Roles and Responsibilities

Developing maintenance schedules and assigning responsibilities to team members. Conducting site inspections and identifying locations that require additional maintenance work. Supervising maintenance staff and ensuring they adhere to safe work practices, Performing minor on-site repairs. Schedule contractors for significant repairs as needed. Discussing maintenance problems with the boss and communicating them to maintenance workers. Staying on call and reacting to emergency maintenance needs. Creating maintenance budgets, recruiting maintenance personnel, and negotiating vendor contracts. Controlling and monitoring inventories Coordinating work done by outside vendors.

Requirements and talents

To effectively manage maintenance operations, a maintenance manager must have technical understanding, problem-solving talents, and leadership capabilities. They must effectively communicate, manage budgets, and assure safety compliance. Planning preventative maintenance, analysing data, and prioritising chores are critical. They should also prioritise employee training, vendor collaboration, and continual improvement in order to optimise maintenance processes and achieve operational excellence.

Salary: £35000 to £39,000, depending on experience.

Location: Heston, United Kingdom.

Working hours: A normal working week is 38 hours, with working days ranging from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Flexi-time is occasionally provided, depending on the organisation.

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