Motorman Visa Sponsorship Uk

May 17, 2024
£39.6 - £39.6 / year

Job Description





The Marine Directorate is Scotland’s leading marine management body. It was formed in April 2009 as a Scottish Government (SG) Directorate to consolidate fundamental marine operations such as scientific research, compliance monitoring, policy, and management of Scotland’s waters.

We are looking to fill a motorman post on one of our Marine Directorate Compliance or Science vessels. If you can demonstrate relevant practical experience, this position may be appealing to you.

As the Motorman, you could be located aboard any of the Marine Scotland Compliance or Science boats, where you will be a member of the Engine room team and responsible for the smooth operation of the engine room and machinery space. Motormen will observe company safety regulations, work efficiently with other crew members, and attend training to stay current on new technology and processes. Your work ensures that the vessel’s machinery and systems operate reliably, efficiently, and safely.

You will work on a maritime schedule that is typically three weeks on and three weeks off. The vessels primarily operate in Scottish seas, with stopovers in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The Marine Research Vessels’ primary mission is to guarantee efficient and effective provision at sea to support the research activities at Marine Scotland. The scientific programme’s success depends on the information acquired on research voyages.

The Marine Patrol Vessels are responsible for checking compliance with international, UK, and national rules and regulations governing licenced activities in the marine environment around Scotland, as well as out to 200 miles and beyond if needed. This includes upholding UK and international fishery laws and regulations. This is designed to help with fish stock protection and the creation of conditions that will allow a modern and sustainable marine fishing sector to thrive.

The marine research vessels are the MRV Alba Na Mara and the MRV Scotia, which are 27 and 69 metres long respectively.


  • Carrying out engine room maintenance and cleaning as directed by the Second Engineer.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the equipment spaces by containing oil leaks and controlling drip trays.
  • Monitoring and maintaining liquid levels of all main and auxiliary equipment in collaboration with the duty engineer.
  • Assist with bunkering and waste oil disposal operations.
  • Plan for the collection and processing of equipment space waste.
  • Operate the vessel incinerator (if equipped) and notify the Second Engineer of the amount burnt.
  • “Lamping up” as needed by the Chief or Second Engineer, and assisting with engineering supplies.


Teamwork enhances performance.
Communication and Engagement

Job-related professional and technical skills


Essential Criteria and Qualifications:

  • Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate of Competency
  • Valid STCW credentials.
  • Valid ENG 1.
  • Security Duties Certificate


Essential criteria:

1. Experience working as a motorman in an engineroom on a vessel.

2. Understand all areas of engine room cleanliness and maintenance.

3. Understanding of the safe working practices required when working onboard vessels or in an engineroom.

4. Experience operating workshop equipment safely, maintaining accurate records, and reporting findings.

Interview and Assessment dates to be confirmed.

Minimum time in the post:

Unless you are promoted to a higher Band or Grade, you will be required to stay in your current position for at least three years.


Legislative changes relating Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship went into effect on April 4, 2024. Before applying for Visa Sponsorship, please read the official Home Office guidance to ensure your eligibility.

Any applicants who are not qualified for sponsorship will be withdrawn at either the application stage or the moment of offer, as would any provisional employment offer.


How to Apply:

To apply for this position, you must submit the information requested below using the online application procedure.

You must fully complete and submit an online application through the website before the deadline, providing evidence-based examples to illustrate your knowledge/skills (300 words). Remember, your replies should be clear, succinct, and reflect the steps you took. To answer to each requirement, consider using the STAR(R) technique.

More information:

Internal applicants must share their plan to apply with their line manager to guarantee an early release.

External applicants can find further information in the “Person Specification” below.


The position is full-time, although employees with varying work schedules are encouraged to apply, and we will evaluate proposed schedules against the business requirements for this position.

If more roles are necessary, a reserve list of successful candidates will be maintained for up to 12 months.

For more information about this post, please contact:

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