Bank Cleanliness Technician Visa Sponsorship

June 27, 2024
£22.4 - £22.4 / year

Job Description




We are now looking for Cleanliness Technicians who want to work flexible hours or extra hours to register with our Temporary Workers bank.

Joining our bank will allow you to support the Trust in offering high-quality cleaning services throughout the Trust.

We seek submissions from individuals who can clean to a high standard across all Trust departments.

Job seekers who require current Skilled Worker Sponsorship to work in the UK are welcome to apply, and their applications will be reviewed alongside all others. Job searchers should understand that not all positions will be eligible for Skilled Worker Sponsorship. For more information, visit UK Visas and Immigration – GOV.UK.

Cleaning in wards and departments throughout the hospital, including corridors, offices, stairs, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms, on a regular basis, using a variety of cleaning techniques and adhering to NHS and Trust policies to achieve the required cleanliness levels.

Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt keep a record of temporary workers called “The Bank.” Joining the Trust’s Bank does not result in an employment contract between the bank member and the trust. When a suitable assignment becomes available, the Trust will contact bank members, who will then have the option of accepting it or not. The bank worker is under no duty to accept an assignment offer.

To plan your own daily actions to ensure the cleanliness of the area you are assigned to, under the supervision of the Housekeeping Manager or Deputy. This will include cleaning areas such as corridors, offices, stairs, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, theatres, and bedrooms on a regular basis using a variety of tasks and procedures, including: damp dusting all horizontal and vertical surfaces, high and low cleaning, replenishment of disposable items, emptying of waste bins, and deep cleans (where applicable).

Work in accordance with NHS and Trust cleaning regulations and standards, as well as the essential work frequencies outlined in the work schedules.

To ensure that chemicals are used correctly for the type of surface and finish, and that handling, storage, and safe use comply with COSHH requirements, data sheets, and training are provided.

To follow all aspects of infection control in all areas of work, including the use of colour-coded equipment to prevent the transmission of infection.

Responsible for inspecting and monitoring the condition of the environment you clean, as well as reporting any flaws that prevent you from doing your tasks using the Trust Estates reporting method.

Responsible for assessing the condition of all equipment you use and reporting any defects discovered to ensure its continuous quality and safety, as well as reporting issues through the Trust Estates reporting system.

Responsible for maintaining precise and accurate records, providing documentary evidence that cleaning has occurred.

To respond to any actions resulting from cleaning monitoring audits and surface swabbing audits.

To follow the Trust’s outlet flushing programme to reduce the accumulation of Legionella bacteria in water systems, in accordance with appropriate technical guidance.

Responsible for reporting work-related mishaps, accidents, and near misses using Datix.

To safeguard your personal and others’ health and safety, every work must be completed strictly in accordance with the handling and moving training you received.

To ensure that all jobs are executed in accordance with the risk assessments and safe work systems specified by your Housekeeping Manager or Deputy.

To respect the privacy and dignity of patients throughout your job.

To carry out your duties in accordance with the Lone Working procedures that your boss has trained you on.

Please report any concerns that may develop as a result of your duties.

Responsible for guaranteeing stock security while also monitoring and managing stock levels and reordering weekly or as needed.

Conduct surveys as part of your position, including reviewing and testing new equipment.

Ensure that the allocated work area is left secure by closing or locking all windows and doors as appropriate, setting alarms, and turning off lights.

Cooperate fully when new work methods or cleaning frequencies are implemented.

Demonstrate your own activities/tasks to new employees during work shadowing.

Act as a service liaison by responding to ad hoc requests via the trust’s paging system.

Physical skills

Physically use cleaning equipment, such as hoover cleaners and trolleys, lifting buckets, mopping floors and operating cleaning machines on a regular basis.

Move minor items of furniture safely on a regular basis in accordance with Trust rules to make cleaning easier.

Regularly transfer linen and garbage bags in accordance with Trust regulations.

The post holder is legally required to take reasonable precautions to avoid injury to themselves and others as a result of their work actions or omissions, as well as to cooperate with their employer in carrying out their statutory duties.

Concentration is essential while creating cleaning chemicals to ensure that the proper dosage and dilution ratios are properly followed. This is critical to ensuring the efficacy, quality, and longevity of the items used.

Make sure you install warning notices to warn other users of the area where you are cleaning.

Never leave any equipment or machinery alone where it could endanger patients, personnel, carers, or visitors.