Dispensary Pharmacy Technician Sponsorship Available

June 20, 2024
£25.1 - £27.6 / year

Job Description




We will accept applications from Pharmacy Technicians already working in various settings, as well as those who qualify in the summer of 2024.

At LUHFT, we are searching for registered pharmacy technicians that want to reach their full potential and can take advantage of the opportunities this position provides to promote a patient-centered approach to service delivery across all sites.

We are searching for Pharmacy Technicians who are energetic and motivated, with excellent communication and teamwork abilities. If you can work under pressure and are eager to grow, we would like to hear from you.

If you want to check around, please contact us to set up a visit.

Main responsibilities of the job

With the assistance of our dispensaries’ Senior Technicians, you will be responsible for coordinating a team to ensure the safe and effective operation of the department you are in charge of.

To take on this profession, you will require great organising abilities. You must be able to work accurately, have a keen eye for detail, prioritise your workload, manage deadlines, and be dedicated to delivering high-quality care in a patient-centered setting.

You will be expected to contribute your expertise and knowledge in training pharmacy assistants, trainee pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. We will enrol you in a mentor training programme to help you with this position.

This is a full-time (37.5-hour) role that covers all LUHFT campuses. The Pharmacy Department provides a seven-day service. The selected candidate will be expected to work weekends, late nights, and on bank holidays.

Working for our organisation.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was formed on October 1, 2019, from the amalgamation of two adult acute trusts: Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The merger allows for the reconfiguration of services in such a way that the city receives the greatest healthcare services possible while also improving the quality of care and health outcomes for patients.

The Trust manages Aintree University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool University Dental Hospital, and Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

It serves a core population of approximately 630,000 people in Merseyside, as well as a catchment area of over two million people throughout the North West and beyond.

To learn more about our achievements, visit https://www.liverpoolft.nhs.uk/media/13089/1606-annual-report-booklet_final.pdf.

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Detailed job description and primary responsibilities

For further information, see the Job Description.

1) To dispense prescriptions, including extemporaneous prescriptions, unlicensed medications, controlled drugs, in-patient and out-patient prescriptions, in accordance with agreed-upon safe work practices.
2) Participate in the daily stock check process, adjusting stock levels according to local procedures and reporting significant differences to the Senior Technical Team.
3) Participate in the daily “stock to-follows” activities, including processing to-follow dispensing and liaising with store workers about ordering and out-of-stock medications.
4) Coordinate dispensing teams to ensure efficient workflow and prioritising of vital drugs.
5) To ensure the accuracy of assembled goods, such as cardiac arrest boxes and regulated medications, following successful completion of the departmental competency training programme.
6) To participate in staff rotation within the Trust’s pharmacy departments, including the Aseptic Department and outpatient area (location specific).
7) To follow the recommendations in the Guide to Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice and its supplements, and to assist in ensuring that work done in the department complies with these and any other recommendations issued from time to time by the Department of Health or the Medicines Inspectorate.
8) To perform special dispensing and manufacturing including the use of aseptic techniques to a satisfactory standard in the creation of sterile products in accordance with aseptic procedures and under the supervision of the Aseptic Services Manager.
9) To carry out cytotoxic reconstitution and dispensing in line with the instructions in the Aseptic Production Manual, as well as the standards established by COSHH legislation and Regional and National Standards.
10) Provide a ‘filling up’ service on wards for individual patient drug supplies, as directed by the Senior Technical Team and in accordance with regulations.
11) To aid in maintaining suitable stock levels in accordance with current policies in the pharmacy section in which (s)he is now employed, as well as to ensure proper stock storage and turnover in order to maintain quality and potency.
12) Maintain correct records of restricted pharmaceuticals stored in the pharmacy, including supplies to wards and departments, orders received into the pharmacy, and conduct frequent audits of computer and paper records.
13) Respond to routine or technical questions over the phone or in person from a variety of staff groups, either in the pharmacy or on the ward, and refer appropriate questions to the appropriate member of the pharmacy team as needed.
14) Collaborate with other members of the pharmacy team and ward personnel to solve problems and provide the greatest service to patients.
15) To ensure that necessary instructions, demonstrations, and counselling for patients regarding their medication therapy are offered and delivered in a professional manner as advised or instructed by the supervising chemists and in accordance with departmental rules and procedures.
16) Dispense clinical trials in accordance with the dispensing procedure, ICH GCP guidelines, and European Directive, as directed by the clinical trials technician/pharmacist (site-specific).
17) To serve as a role model for student technicians and other technical and support personnel.
18) Mentor, induct, and train student technicians, pre-registration pharmacists, dispensing assistants, and other pharmacy team members.
19) Attend suitable technician training courses, encourage other personnel to pursue additional training, and participate in such training programmes as necessary to maintain current pharmaceutical clinical and technical expertise.
20) Assist with the receipt and distribution of goods in the pharmacy, as well as checking delivery notes and invoices as needed.
21) Participate in ward-based stock audits as directed by the Senior Technical Team.
22) Collaborate on the operation and development of computerised stock control and medical speciality costing systems.
23) Contribute to pharmacy objectives established by the Trust, the National Patient Safety Agency, the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection, the Department of Health (including the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency), and others in order to meet clinical governance targets, develop patient care, improve clinical outcomes, and ensure compliance with all standards expected of hospital pharmacy services and the interface between primary and secondary care.
24) Participate in Continuing Professional Development to maintain pharmaceutical clinical and technical knowledge up to date, assure best practice, and meet requirements for registration as a pharmacy technician.
25) To follow the regulations governing the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Data Protection Act.
26) To do any other related duties as may be necessary.

Person Specification


Essential criteria

  • B/TEC in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an NVQ level 3 in Pharmacy Services (or equivalent)
  • Registration at GPHC (or in the application procedure)



Desirable requirements.

  • Ability to train staff
  • Clinical Trial Experience
  • Experience with the JAC Pharmacy Computer System.
  • Experience working in a hospital setting



Essential criteria

  • Dispensing processes
  • Pharmacy computer systems use
  • Stock Control Procedures


Desirable requirements.

  • Modern hospital pharmaceutical processes, including those in wards.



Essential criteria

  • Clear communication skills.
  • Ability to work precisely and with attention to detail.
  • Professional work style and the capacity to operate both as part of a team and on one’s own initiative
  • Ability to encourage oneself and others.
  • Well-organized and capable of meeting deadlines/targets.
  • Adapt to changes.
  • Ability to detect and solve difficulties.
  • Prioritising dispensary workload.
  • Patient Counselling
  • Excellent time management abilities.


Desirable requirements.

  • Temporary dispensing
  • Patient Counselling
  • Prioritising dispensary workload.



Essential criteria

  • Dispensing a wide range of drugs
  • Desirable requirements.
  • Managed a service development project.


Please check your email periodically, including junk/spam boxes, as we will use it to notify you about your application.

Only those who clearly demonstrate how they fulfil our person requirements will be considered for an interview.

We reserve the right to close any vacancies after receiving a minimum number of applications from which to shortlist. If you want to be considered for this position, please submit your application right away.

Applicants for the Healthcare Assistant position on the staff bank must be at least 18 years old to begin work. We welcome applicants over 18 or within 3 months of their 18th birthday.

The Trust is dedicated to creating a healthy work-life balance and implementing fair, equal, and consistent practices. We accept requests for flexible working arrangements and will examine them from the start of your employment. Not all roles are always ideal for flexible working arrangements. Reduced hours, compressed hours, fixed shifts, time off in lieu, and remote work are all examples of flexible working arrangements.

The Trust is devoted to encouraging equality and diversity; we recognise the contributions of individual talent, skills, expertise, and experience, and we strive for a workforce demographic that reflects the local community. We invite applicants from the following underrepresented groups in our workforce: black, Asian, and minority ethnic, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+), disability, male, and aged 16 to 24.

According to Trust policy, the cost of filing and processing the successful applicant/s DBS application must be recovered by salary deduction after the start of the post. The amount of £18+£5 (standard disclosure) or £38+£5 (enhanced disclosure) will be withdrawn from wages in reasonable monthly instalments for up to three months from the start of work. Bank posts require an upfront payment.

Skilled visa candidates and their adult dependents will be asked to present a criminal record certificate from any nation where they have lived for 12 months or more in the previous 10 years, beginning in April 2017.

Applicants who require sponsorship may desire to analyse their chances of being sponsored for this post by comparing themselves to the criteria on the gov.uk website – https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa.

This organisation maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults. All employees must follow the organisation’s safeguarding policy for children and adults, as well as the Local Safeguarding Children and Adult Board protocols.

Staff should be aware of their obligation to protect children and adults in all activities done on behalf of the organisation in accordance with regulatory advice and legislation.

All workers (and volunteers) are expected to keep their safeguarding knowledge and skills up to date by undertaking mandatory safeguarding training, which includes recognising and recognising indications of abuse and neglect, as well as responding appropriately.

We have embraced the Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme, which assists our employees who are victims of domestic abuse or other kinds of sexual assault.

If you have any personal requirements that will allow you to participate in our recruiting process, please contact a member of the recruiting Services team at 0151 706 4666 as soon as possible so that steps can be taken to facilitate your application for this position.

Please keep in mind that new NHS employees will start at the first paypoint in their respective band.