Product Field Engineer Uk Visa Sponsorship Available

June 15, 2024
£53 - £78 / year

Job Description




Caterpillar Inc. employees shape the world through their work.

When you join Caterpillar, you’re joining a worldwide team that cares not only about the work we perform, but also about one another. We are the creators, problem solvers, and future world builders who are fostering stronger, more sustainable communities. We don’t just talk about advancement and innovation; we make it happen for our clients, where we work and live. We’re working together to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

Job Title: Product Field Engineer (Electrification).

Salary range: £53,000 – £78,000 (based on experience)

Location: Peterborough, hybrid.



  • 25 days of annual leave.
  • Up to 12% bonus
  • Contributory pension system – Caterpillar will double the employee’s contribution up to 10%.
  • Contributory share scheme: Caterpillar will match 50% of the employee’s contribution.
  • Optional flexible benefits include access to health and dental care insurance, EV car leasing, and holiday purchases.

Flexible working arrangements will be considered for this role, based on the needs of the business.

About E+ES

Caterpillar allows you to perform the work that matters, whether it’s developing new products, providing best-in-class solutions, or building a lasting career. With a 95-year history of quality and innovation and 150 locations in nations across the world, your impact is global.

Caterpillar’s Electrification & Energy Solutions (E+ES) Division will focus on delivering innovative electrified powertrains, zero-emissions products/technologies, and the solutions and services that go with them. Batteries, fuel cells, motors, inverters, microgrid controllers, charging, energy storage systems, lifecycle solutions/services, and component integration for ePowertrain solutions across sectors are among the primary focus areas.

We are looking for outstanding people to develop and scale the next generation of technology, products, and services that will assist our customers in creating a better—more sustainable—world. We require self-motivated, intelligent, and team-oriented people to make our ideas a reality. Individuals with high emotional intelligence, humility, and an openness to knowledge will thrive in the teams we are forming.

The Opportunity:

As a Product Field Engineer, you will assist in the resolution of complex technical product problems involving advanced power products (batteries, fuel cells, chargers, energy storage systems, and electric drives) to ensure that customers receive the product performance, reliability, durability, and availability that the Cat brand promises.

You will be in charge of customer uptime by reducing product downtime, resolving issues quickly, and keeping customers happy by providing excellent customer service, working with a wide range of applications such as resource industries, construction industries, electric power, oil and gas, and marine.

What you’ll Do:

  • Diagnose, repair, rebuild, and repurpose electrical products.
  • Perform live electrical work on batteries.
  • Help dealer personnel troubleshoot difficulties, answer technical questions, and train employees.
  • Communicate site-specific advanced power product concerns, uptime status, and hour accumulation.
  • Facilitate the return of defective items to the factory for additional examination.
  • CPI support includes identifying, testing, data gathering, and implementation of ICAs/PCAs.
  • Perform failure analysis as needed.
  • Assist dealers in understanding and implementing service publications, TIB, magazines, and service letters.
  • Manage spare parts, tools, and personal protective equipment on-site.
  • Support regional industry exhibitions, displays, and proving grounds as needed.
  • Keep up with emerging technologies and encourage ongoing improvement of old processes.

You will have:

Troubleshooting technical difficulties requires knowledge of troubleshooting methodologies, tools, and procedures, as well as the ability to identify and address technical issues in electrical equipment.

Level: Extensive Experience

  • Evaluates the business consequences of failure, as well as the importance and timeliness of the necessary resolution.
  • Resolves tough or high-impact equipment and system issues.
  • Monitors machine performance and history; responds to excessive maintenance or repair needs.
  • Coaches others on how to overcome integration or communication challenges in a multi-vendor setting.
  • Uses particular strategies to isolate a problem and define a solution approach.
  • Uses advanced diagnostic techniques and technologies to address unexpected or performance-related issues.
  • Must be willing to conduct hands-on troubleshooting on hazardous voltage (HV) systems.
  • Uses particular strategies to isolate a problem and define a solution approach.
  • Uses advanced diagnostic techniques and technologies to address unexpected or performance-related issues.

client focus involves prioritising client requirements and satisfaction in company decisions and tailoring solutions accordingly.

Level: Working Knowledge

  • Shares customer enthusiasm for electrification and decarbonisation requirements.
  • Communicates the importance of client needs/expectations and commits to addressing them.
  • Investigates and confirms customer requirements and expectations.
  • Solicits customer satisfaction feedback and takes action to address areas for improvement.
  • Helps to connect organisational goals to customer requirements and expectations.
  • Regularly meets with consumers to learn about their wants, needs, and expectations.

Data Gathering & Analysis: Proficient in using tools, techniques, and processes to collect and synthesise data from various stakeholders and sources objectively, leading to a conclusion, goal, or judgement.

Level: Working Knowledge

  • Follows appropriate data collection and analysis processes and policies.
  • Participates in the collection and exchange of an organisation’s data in accordance with requirements.

Service Excellence requires knowledge of customer service principles and procedures, as well as the capacity to meet or exceed customer needs and expectations through direct or indirect service delivery.

Level: Working Knowledge

  • Customers describe the service they receive as outstanding.
  • Resolves typical consumer issues.
  • Responds to unanticipated consumer needs promptly and positively.
  • Offers direct service to internal and external customers.
  • Documents client complaints on a timely basis.

Expertise in decision-making and critical thinking requires knowledge of tools and procedures, as well as the capacity to analyse situations and make educated conclusions.

Level: Extensive Experience

  • Travelling alone and training dealer technicians in the field requires a proven self-starter.
  • Evaluates and validates decision options and points, predicting their possible impact.

Effective problem-solving requires knowledge of various approaches, tools, and techniques for identifying and addressing organisational, operational, and process issues, as well as the capacity to apply this knowledge to different scenarios.

Level: Extensive Experience

  • Organises possible issue solvers and guides problem-solving efforts.
  • Contributes to the standardisation of problem-solving methodologies, tools, and processes.
  • Analyses and synthesises information to develop alternate resolution techniques.
  • Creates successful solutions to important or large-scale problems.

Effective Relationship Management requires knowledge of procedures and the capacity to build and sustain positive connections with clients, vendors, and peers.

Level: Working Knowledge

  • Responds promptly and effectively to client requests and interactions.
  • Monitors client satisfaction levels on a regular basis.
  • Alerts the team to difficulties with consumer satisfaction.
  • Works with clients (both internal and external) to address crucial concerns and solve major difficulties.

More information:

International travel requirements can reach up to 75%.

About Caterpillar.

Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, off-highway diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. For nearly a century, we’ve helped clients build a better, more sustainable world, and we’re committed to a low-carbon future. Our innovative products and services, backed by our global dealer network, offer outstanding value and help customers flourish.

To avoid assumptions during the shortlisting process, please provide appropriate qualifications and experience on your CV. Depending on the quantity of applicants, the position’s requirements may be modified to ease shortlisting. #LI-HYBRID

Visa sponsorship is provided to eligible candidates.

Posting dates:

June 14, 2024–June 23, 2024

Caterpillar is an equal opportunity employer (EEO).

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