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Registered Midwife 2021
Lagos State School Of Midwifery Igando .

Registered Midwife (RM)

Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination 2015
Solid Rock Model College Ogun State

Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Work & Experience

Staff Midwife September 2022 - Till date
Lagos State Primary Health Care Board (Sango primary Health Center)

Sango Primary Health Care Centre is a government-owned maternity with about 100 beds, standard equipment, and specialized personnel. They have a vision to improve the health of the community and reduce the burden of diseases to the barest minimum. They also provide a collaborative and dynamic environment for research and patient welfare. They offer a broad range of services that cuts across mental gynecological, Family Planning clinics, child welfare, and Maternity wards. As a dedicated Staff Midwife, my primary responsibility is to provide compassionate, evidence-based care to pregnant women, new mothers, and their newborns throughout the antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal periods. Drawing upon my comprehensive training and expertise, I fulfill a range of clinical and administrative duties aimed at promoting the health and well-being of patients and their families. Clinical Care: Conduct comprehensive assessments of pregnant women, including medical histories, physical examinations, and fetal monitoring, to ensure optimal maternal and fetal well-being. Provide antenatal care, including routine check-ups, prenatal education, and screening tests. Assist with labor and delivery, offering emotional support, pain management techniques, and medical interventions as necessary to ensure safe and positive birth experiences. Administer medications, intravenous therapy, and other treatments as prescribed by medical professionals, ensuring accurate dosages and timely administration. Collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare teams, including obstetricians, pediatricians, and ancillary staff, to coordinate care and facilitate optimal outcomes for patients Conducting Home Visits for Post natal Clients. Education and Counseling: Educate expectant mothers and their families about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care, empowering them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their healthcare. Provide counseling and emotional support to women and families facing pregnancy-related challenges, including high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, and neonatal loss, fostering resilience and coping strategies. Facilitate childbirth education classes, support groups, and community outreach programs to promote maternal and infant health and well-being. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records, including patient assessments, care plans, and treatment documentation, in compliance with regulatory standards and organizational policies. Utilize electronic health records (EHR) systems and other documentation tools to record patient information, track outcomes, and communicate with healthcare team members Patient Advocacy: Serve as a strong advocate for patients, ensuring their voices are heard, their preferences are respected, and their rights are upheld throughout the healthcare experience. Emergency Response and Critical Care: Maintain proficiency in emergency obstetric and neonatal care, including the management of obstetric emergencies such as postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia, and shoulder dystocia. Infection Control and Prevention: Adhere to strict infection control protocols and guidelines to minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections for patients, and staff Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Promote health and wellness through education, counseling, and advocacy, encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors, prenatal care attendance, and adherence to recommended screenings and vaccinations. Provide guidance on contraceptive options, family planning, and reproductive health to empower women to make informed choices about their reproductive health. Antenatal Care: Perform comprehensive assessments and screenings during antenatal visits, including prenatal examinations, fetal monitoring, and assessment of maternal well-being. Collaborate with obstetricians, sonographers, and other healthcare providers to identify and manage high-risk pregnancies, ensuring appropriate interventions and monitoring to optimize maternal and fetal outcomes. Intrapartum Care: Support women in labor through emotional encouragement, comfort measures, and pain management techniques, promoting a positive and empowering birth experience. Monitor maternal and fetal well-being during labor and delivery, recognizing signs of labor progress, fetal distress, and potential complications and responding promptly to ensure safe and effective care.

Intern Midwife September 2021 - August 2022
Lagos State Primary Health Care Board ( Ikoyi/Obalende Primary Health Care Board)

As an Intern Midwife, i played a vital role in supporting experienced midwives and healthcare professionals in delivering comprehensive care to women throughout the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. This internship position offers a valuable opportunity for hands-on clinical experience, professional development, and mentorship within the field of obstetrics and maternal healthcare. Key Responsibilities: Clinical Support and Assistance: Assist Registered Midwives and healthcare team members in conducting antenatal assessments, including medical history reviews, physical examinations, and prenatal screenings. Provide support and encouragement to women in labor, assisting with comfort measures, positioning, and emotional support under the guidance of experienced midwives. Participate in the delivery of newborn care, including neonatal assessments, newborn screenings, and assistance with breastfeeding initiation and support. Assist with postpartum care activities, such as maternal assessments, wound care, and newborn care education, under the supervision of clinical preceptors. Education and Counseling: Provide basic education and information to expectant mothers and their families on topics such as prenatal nutrition, childbirth preparation, and newborn care. Assist in facilitating group prenatal classes, breastfeeding support groups, and parent education workshops to promote maternal and infant health and well-being. Offer guidance and support to women seeking information on contraception options and family planning during the postpartum period. Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and detailed medical records, documenting patient assessments, interventions, and outcomes in compliance with regulatory standards and organizational policies. Assist in the preparation and maintenance of patient charts, electronic medical records, and other documentation related to antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care. Professional Development: Actively participate in educational and training activities provided by the healthcare facility, including seminars, workshops, and in- service training sessions related to midwifery practice. Seek opportunities for learning and skill development under the guidance of experienced midwives and clinical preceptors, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing professional growth and excellence. Strong interest in women's health, maternal care, and childbirth support. Excellent interpersonal, communication, and teamwork skills. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary healthcare environment. Willingness to learn, adapt, and collaborate with healthcare professionals to provide patient-centered care. As an Intern Midwife, I had the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience, learn from experienced mentors, and contribute to the provision of safe, compassionate care to women and families during one of life's most significant experiences. This internship position served as a stepping for me towards a rewarding career in midwifery, providing essential skills and knowledge for future practice.

Staff Midwife May 2021 - August 2021
Grace Private Hospital

0293WXH-A Job title: Preceptor Midwife Brief description of your duties & responsibilities 1.Admission of women in labor after obtaining medical and past history and communicated her findings to the consulting physician. 2. Provides Pharmacological and Non - pharmacological pain management to pregnant women such as back rub, breathing exercises. 3.Conducts vagina examination for a woman in labor. 4. Conducts and handles labor and deliveries as well as identifies prompt referral to advanced monitoring and management. 5. Participates actively in the vaccination of newborns, and children under five years of age. 6. Ensures that the cold chain system is maintained at the hospital level. 7. Provides direct patient care(Bed making, Bed bath,) and also collaborates with professional colleagues to ensure good working environment in which patients receive high standard care. 8. Provides Counseling services to adolescents and couples and this includes reproductive health education and related health problems such as Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and uncomplicated vagina infections. 9. Supervision of junior staffs. 10. Provision of modern contraceptive methods to client after gaining informed consent which includes the use of oral pills ,injectables, implants , and intra uterine contraceptive devices(IUCD). 11. Monitoring and Administration of intravenous prescribed medication during labor and antenatal appointments. 12 .Conducting routine Home visits for newly discharged mothers 13. Support , Collaborate and cooperate with other team members and health care professionals. 14. Implement and documentation of timely midwifery care in a timely manner. 15. Perform comprehensive and systematic mother and infant assessment. 16. Carrying out screening tests, providing information ,emotional support and reassurance to women and their partners. 17. Helping parents cope with miscarriage,termination, still birth, and neonatal deaths by giving diversional therapy and emotional support. 18. Tutoring students midwives in identifying high risk pregnancies. 19. Conducting home visits unsupervised.

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